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Ninja Central is a fan made website for a game called Trials Rising. This website was built to get together an even bigger ninja community than the game already has. We want to help transition new players into the exciting world of ninjas and tie them into our community.Ninja tracks are usually user-made tracks that are very hard to complete and go the above in-game extreme difficulty. Feel free to browse the latest news, check out the tutorials section, chat with us on the forums or pick a few of our hand-chosen tracks from our ninja track list.

For the Trials Fusion track list, click here.

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Join the Trials Rising ninja community!

Find out the latest news about Trials Rising, join the newest discussions and be informed about everything ninja going on.

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Browse a track list of the best hand picked ninja tracks!

We have created a system to view the best ninja tracks made. You can sort the tracks with filters and a lot more!

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Latest news

Browse the latest news about Trials Rising and everything ninja.

Trials Rising Closed Beta 13.9.2018
Trials Rising Closed Beta is out on September 13th 2018! What are your opinions on the game after playing the closed beta? Join the discussion on the forums here
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Latest tutorials

View a selection of tutorials created to learn ninja techniques a lot easier. We have tutorials from the very beginner ninja to the very advanced stuff.

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The Trials Rising tutorials are coming in February when the game gets released!
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