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Ninja Central is a fan made website for a game called Trials Rising. This website was built to get together an even bigger ninja community than the game already has. We want to help transition new players into the exciting world of ninjas and tie them into our community.Ninja tracks are usually user-made tracks that are very hard to complete and go the above in-game extreme difficulty. Feel free to browse the latest news, check out the tutorials section, chat with us on the forums or pick a few of our hand-chosen tracks from our ninja track list.

For the Trials Fusion track list, click here.

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Find out the latest news about Trials Rising, join the newest discussions and be informed about everything ninja going on.

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We have created a system to view the best ninja tracks made. You can sort the tracks with filters and a lot more!

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Latest news

Browse the latest news about Trials Rising and everything ninja.

Trials Reporter Bot: Another way to find ninja tracks
Join the Trials Discord and directly Message “TrialsReporter” bot with the command !help or !info to get started. https://discord.gg/SR65pCUNkw
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Featured tracks – March 2019
We are going to be posting featured ninja tracks each month starting from March. You can view a collection of all these tracks in youtube videos in the section located near the bottom of the homepage. February featured tracks are: Solstice – [Ninja Level 2] by ZZZZZZach Dark Sector – [Ninja Level 4] by Twovine…
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Trials Talk #2 ft. Blubbi – Podcast | Hook’s Tool, Speedrunning & Ninjas, Esports
Round 2 of the Trials podcast, this time with special guest Blubbi. The guys talk about different skills needed for speedrunning vs ninjas, the advantages of playing Trials Fusion on the PC for ninjas and the possibility of huge tournament and increased competition in the next game – Trials Rising.
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Fusion Farewell Tournament
$350 total cash purse for top 3 riders in EACH Tier! Special Prizes for 4th and 5th in EACH Tier! Over $900 in cash and prizes!¬†Tier 1 is Level 6 and below and Tier 2 is Level 7 and above. Fusion Farewell Tournament was initially founded by Kevin Van Lear (ColoradoFlats) but will be realized…
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Trials Talk #1 – Podcast | Rising, Top 10 Ninjas, Trials Journey, Worst Grinds…
So this is the first podcast that Doughnut, RJ Burger, Plopikoosy and Lorcan done regarding the trials. They talk about their thoughts on Trials Rising, the current top 10 ninja players, their journey to becoming good players and of course the worst grinds they had in the game. Also there are some shots of cute…
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Latest tutorials

View a selection of tutorials created to learn ninja techniques a lot easier. We have tutorials from the very beginner ninja to the very advanced stuff.

The Ultimate Guide To Improve At Trials – Top 10 Tips To Master Your Bike
Many of these strategies transfer to other Trials titles such as Trials HD, Evolution, and Fusion. If I missed out on any other important strategies, let me know! I hope this will help everyone progress and enjoy Trials to its fullest.
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Doughnut’s Dough-jo: Rise of the Dragon In Depth Tutorial
This tutorial will explain everything you need to pass the track and get the medal you desire. Rise of the Dragon is one of two ninja tracks that Redlynx released in the Crash and Sunburn DLC.
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Ninja 101: Stationaries (Tutorial and Commentary)
Stationaries are very difficult to first learn, so I made this video in the hopes to teach up-and-coming ninjas how to do them and master it. Remember to practice this move often when first attempting it, one day it’ll click and you’ll be passing ninja lvl 4+ tracks like it’s nothing. Let me know in…
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