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Fusion Farewell Tournament

Posted on January 8, 2019 at 2:05 pm by IceX42
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$350 total cash purse for top 3 riders in EACH Tier! Special Prizes for 4th and 5th in EACH Tier! Over $900 in cash and prizes! Tier 1 is Level 6 and below and Tier 2 is Level 7 and above.

Fusion Farewell Tournament was initially founded by Kevin Van Lear (ColoradoFlats) but will be realized along with another major player in the trials community, Jake Hughett (SantaNeedaSucc). We decided that this would be our major contribution back to the great trials game and community that we all love so much! Our first goal was to create a special tournament to showcase the amazing ability of top level trials video game riders and do so at such a time as to coincide with the Trials Rising game release date. The second goal was to come up with a tournament structure to extract the most consistent and dialed riders, with a stringent qualification process with all aspects of the game included throughout the entire tournament. So, we put our money and our heads together and came up with an elegant, yet simple concept….